STC Started Employing Inmates


Smart Trading Company is growing and so is the company’s need for new employees. The current demand for new employees is so high, that STC started cooperating with the Correctional Facility Hermanice. In early November, six inmates were chosen for the first phase of cooperation and all need to meet the following requirements: have the privilege of „free movement“, have low incarceration sentences and not require constant jail guard supervision.

“The inmates are mainly working in metal processing and final product assembly. By hiring inmates, we are solving a fairly complicated situation on the labour market. The Czech lob market is weakened by the current economic growth and therefore the amount of responses on jobs we are offering is very low. On top of that, the inmates we started employing are serving sentences for non-serious or petty crimes and we in STC believe in second chances,” says CEO and Co-owner of STC Michal Fuciman.


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