We are a company engaged in the manufacture of mechanical components using CNC technology, mainly from semi-metal (steel, aluzinc, aluminum alloy, stainless steel, galvanized sheet, strip and sheet copper and lexan. We have become a reliable and reputable supplier of foreign and domestic partners in engineering production. We offer quality and flexible delivery of products and services from prototype through small, medium and large volume orders.

A great advantage of SMART TRADING COMPANY s.r.o. is the ability to cover the entire production process, from drafting and technical documentation with 3D visualization to full production of components or entire assembly systems with subsequent expedition. All under one roof, using only its own fleet. To our customers we are able to provide 100% service in the shortest time possible, with as much as possible try to meet all their requirements.

We also provide comprehensive services from certified project documentation and 3D visualization to metalwork, assembly, powder coating, wet painting, screen printing, packaging to transportation. Technology used in our society are synonyms for the current state of modern technology and quality.

The products in our company are mainly made from thin sheets of sheet and plastic. Components are part of electronic equipment for renewable energy (photovoltaic, wind power), then these elements are part of assemblies for telecommunications and electronics (outdoor / indoor). Among our other products include advertising applications, industrial shelving systems, copper and other items.

Industrial Park covers an area of approximately 18,000 square meters. In the area of SMART TRADING COMPANY s.r.o. together there are further Smart painting s.r.o. and Smart Heating Technology s.r.o. The position of individual companies (under one roof) gives higher production efficiency and is reflected in the price of final products.






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